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Note: Eligible claims are only payable in the name of the account holder at the effected premises.
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This Claim is made because the above property was affected by a power interruption of 12 hours or more in the last 60 days. By submitting this form, I agreed that:
1. I have read and agree to the extended outage payment scheme eligibility criteria and terms & conditions.
2. I have not previously applied for payment for same outage at the same address.
3. All the information provided is true and correct.

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Western Power is under no obligation to verify the correctness of the bank account details. Should any of the above particulars alter, the claimant must complete and send a new application form to Western Power.Western Power does not verify the authority of the claimant on the bank account details and accepts the authority of the claimant as conclusive evidence of authority to execute this agreement on behalf of the Synergy account holder.Western Power will not be responsible for any delays in payment or error due to factors outside the reasonable control of Western Power including delays in the banking system.Western Power reserves the right at any time to terminate or suspend this direct credit payment method and to pay by cheque or any other manner which Western Power may determine.This authority supersedes all previous authorities.
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